Rehabilitation Matters

Rehabilitation Matters is a new website aims to promote a better understanding of rehabilitation, to improve the practice of rehabilitation, to disseminate research and other information relevant to rehabilitation, and to increase access to good rehabilitation for all patients who need it. It will provide education for anyone, it will provide specialist rehabilitation knowledge and skills to any health or social care professional, and it will advocate for better organisation and resourcing of rehabilitation services.

It is written and curated by a doctor who has been interested in rehabilitation since 1980. He has experience of almost all aspects: clinical work with patients, managing services, advising on local and national policies, research, education and training, occasional recipient of rehabilitation, and editing a journal on rehabilitation. He refers to his own work, but he also extensively refers to other publications.

The Society for Research in Rehabilitation (SRR) is delighted to support this new channel of communication, a long with The British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine (BSRM). The content of the site does not represent a formal statement of SRR or BSRM policy, nor does either society necessarily endorse the specific content unless that is explicitly stated.

The values that guide all content are:

  • Respect for others at all times, acknowledging the validity of differences;
  • Justice and equity, ensuring fairness in allocation of any resource ;
  • Honesty and openness, not knowingly omitting relevant information;
  • Clarity in writing and presenting arguments or facts;
  • Evidence to used when it is available, and provided without bias.

The curator of the site is Derick Wade, and he can be contacted at [email protected].

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