Past Keynote Speakers

Details of our all keynote speakers from past SRR conferences the lecture given is provided below:

Year Lecture Presenter Title Meeting
2020 Philip Nichols Lecture Professor Philip Rowe Supported self management of rehabilitation – An opportunity post COVID Autumn meeting virtually
2019 Bipin Bhakta Memorial Lecture Professor Derick Wade Rehabilitation will only survive in the UK if politicians, the public, and other healthcare professionals know what it is. How should we fight for its survival?’ Autumn meeting in Warwick
2019 Philip Nichols Lecture Dr Tom Manly Executive function and mood in brain injury rehabilitation Winter meeting in Nottingham
2018 Bipin Bhakta Memorial Lecture Professor Garth Johnson Upper Limbs matter – Biomechanics for Rehabilitation Winter meeting in Bristol
2017 Philip Nichols Lecture Prof Peter Langhorne Evidence-based rehabilitation: are there any lessons from stroke research? EFRR/SRR meeting Glasgow
2016 Bipin Bhakta Memorial Lecture Prof Pam Enderby Strictly Come Dancing – The Tango of Rehabilitation Summer meeting in Coventry
2015 Philip Nichols Lecture Prof Chris McKevitt Making the patient in clinical practice and research Summer meeting in Newcastle
2014 Distiguished Scholar Prof Cath Sackley Thirty years on and still relying on Plan B Summer meeting in Glasgow
2013 Philip Nichols Lecture Prof Marion Walker Progress in Rehabilitation Research; What have we learned from the RCT? Where to from here? Summer meeting in Nottingham
2011 Philip Nichols Lecture Prof Sarah Tyson Functional illness and disability; how a holistic biopsychosocial model clafifies diagnosis and management Summer meeting at Keele
2009 Philip Nichols Lecture Mr David Condie “The Bioengineer’s Tale ” (with apologies to Geoffrey Chaucer) or “In defence of multidisciplinary teamwork” Summer meeting in Bath
2007 Philip Nichols Lecture Prof Pam Enderby The Da Vinci Code of Rehabilitation Research – Clues from Unravelling Dysarthria Winter meeting in Manchester
2006 Philip Nichols Lecture Prof Nadina Lincoln Psychological Aspects of Rehabilitation: 30 years progress Summer meeting in Leeds
2003 Philip Nichols Lecture Prof Anne Chamberlain unknown Summer meeting 2003 Nottingham
2001 Philip Nichols Lecture Prof Lindsay McLellan unknown Summer meeting June 2001 Manchester
1987 Philip Nichols Lecture Prof Philip Wood unknown SRR 10th Anniversary
1983* Philip Nichols Lecture Prof Kurt Alphons Jockheim unknown Inaugural European Conference on Research in Rehabilitation April 1983

* Professor Philip Nichols dies in 1979. The SRR Council established a memorial lecture to be given in his memory at the first European Research in Rehabilitation conference 1983