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Ingrid Wilkinson, SRR Council member talks to Frontline

Adults with a learning disability (LD) experience poorer health than the general population. They have a shorter life expectancy and are at greater risk of premature death. Although they have the same rights to access mainstream health services as the general population and can expect reasonable adjustments to be made to enable this, they regularly receive […]

Rehabilitation research, practice and education in the era of COVID-19

Rehabilitation research, practice and education the era of COVID-19’ This was the theme of our 2020 conference, jointly hosted with the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine, Association of Chartered Physiotherapists for People with Learning Disabilities, and supported by the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation, like many events in 2020 went online. As you will all have seen rehabilitation was highlighted publicly and politically by the pandemic. Before […]

Rehabilitation Matters

Rehabilitation Matters is a new website aims to promote a better understanding of rehabilitation, to improve the practice of rehabilitation, to disseminate research and other information relevant to rehabilitation, and to increase access to good rehabilitation for all patients who need it. It will provide education for anyone, it will provide specialist rehabilitation knowledge and skills to any […]