Members wishing to present original research communications to the Society, either as Free Papers or as Posters (A0 Portrait), should prepare an Abstract which provides sufficient information to allow the Council to assess the merits of the communication. Selection of Abstracts is, therefore, competitive, but the Council will try to ensure that the programme reflects the multidisciplinary nature and wide-ranging interests of the society.

Please note that only Research or Work in Progress abstracts will be accepted for SRR meetings.

Abstract submission

Abstracts should be submitted electronically using the website ‘submit for current’ page. The maximum length is 250 words. The word count is automatically calculated and is the sum of words entered in the background, method, results/findings, discussion and conclusion fields.

Please note that the electronic form counts each word separated by a space as a separate word. For example, if the standard deviation is 10, SD = 10 will be counted as three words; SD=10 will be counted as one word. Therefore, when reporting data it is advised to avoid the use of spaces.

Format of abstracts

Abstracts should be a maximum length of 250 words. The abstract submission should be in a structured format and include the following information:

  • Title
  • Name(s) of the author(s).
  • Institutional affiliation of the author(s).

Please note that in the case of multiple authorship, the first named author should be the person who will present the paper or answer questions on the poster.

Eligibility for Full membership of the Society is open to the first author of a Free Paper or a Poster provided they have presented the Paper or answered questions on the Poster.


The Abstract is the only means by which a proposed paper or poster is assessed and should be complete in itself. It should include:

  • Background: A brief outline or rationale (why the study was undertaken).
  • Method: An outline of the research method (how the study was done).
  • Results: A summary of the main results (what was found).
  • Discussion: (what consequences follow, e.g implications for practice).
  • Conclusion

Please note that results of statistical analysis should be reported wherever this requirement applies. Statements to the effect that “The results will be presented and discussed” are not acceptable. References are not normally required and not normally expected but if given, no more than two should be included. Tables are rarely, if ever, appropriate in an Abstract.

Further guidance on the submission of qualitative research abstracts can be found on this page.

Examples of Good Abstract Submissions (for guidance only)

Here are a small number of examples of well written abstracts which have been previously submitted to SRR and presented at one of our meetings. These abstracts were then published in the journal of Clinical Rehabilitation.

Examples of Good Research Abstracts

Work in Progress

Please submit ‘work in progress’ abstracts using the same procedure selecting ‘work in progress’ from the drop down list and in the results section include a statement of ethical approval obtained or being sought.