Past Meetings

The Society for Research in Rehabilitation Winter Meeting  – Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, London – 2nd February 2016 

The Society’s Winter Meeting was hosted by the hospitals’ Research Fellow in Music Therapy, Dr Julian O’Kelly.

The two symposia themes of the conference were ‘New Research Perspectives from Rehabilitation in Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness’, and ‘New Perspectives in Paediatric Rehabilitation’.

The first symposium was opened by Professor David Sharp, a NIHR Health Research Professor and consultant neurologist based at Imperial College London. He gave a thought provoking perspective on novel approaches to treating cognitive impairment after brain injury, exploring the factors underpinning these impairments.  He was followed by Dr Sal Connolly, consultant neuropsychologist at Ascot Rehabilitation with a comprehensive overview of the complexity in research that involves assessing for capacity with prolonged disorders of consciousness.

The second symposium was opened by Dr Carolyn Dunford, Head of Therapy & Research at The Children’s Trust, who gave an interesting presentation on the challenges involved in measuring outcomes in paediatric rehabilitation. She was followed by Dr Anne Gordon, Senior Consultant Occupational Therapist at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, and visiting Senior Lecturer, Kings College London. Her talk provided a summary of current NIHR Programme Development Research on Stroke in Childhood. The symposium was closed by Dr Rob Forsyth, NHS Consultant Paediatric Neurologist at the Great North Children’s Hospital, who provided a perspective on the NIHR programme development research in rehabilitation services for children after acquired brain injury (ABI).