Symposia Presentations

Winter Meeting 2019 Nottingham

‘The role of digital peer support in the self-management of long-term conditions’ 

Professor Neil Coulson – Professor of Health Psychology, University of Nottingham

‘Appy days: Can impairment-based therapy apps improve outcomes in patients with acquired disorders of vision or language?’ 

Professor Alex Leff – Professor of Cognitive Neurology, UCL Institute of Neurology

‘Executive Function and Mood in Brain Injury Rehabilitation’

Dr Tom Manly – University of Cambridge MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit

‘Co-production in rehabilitation research: real deal or bad imitation?

Professor Fiona Jones MBE – Professor of Rehabilitation Research, St George’s , University of London

Winter Meeting 2018 Bristol

Developing effective, deliverable and affordable self-management strategies forosteoarthritis in primary care 

Prof Nicola Walsh – Professor of Knowledge Mobilisation & Musculoskeletal Health, University of the West of England

‘Diagnosis and management of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome’ 

Prof Candy McCabe– Florence Nightingale Foundation Chair in Clinical Nursing Practice Research and Royal United Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Bath, University of the West of England

The Phillip Nichols Lecture

‘Upper Limbs Matter – Biomechanics for Rehabilitation’

Emeritus Prof Garth Johnson – Biomedical Engineer, founder of the SRR, Newcastle Universityof Knowledge Mobilisation & Musculoskeletal Health, University of the West of England

‘Memory Rehabilitation: Establishing an evidence base‘ awaiting publication before be available

Prof Roshan das Nair– Professor of Clinical Psychology & Neuro-psychology, University of Nottingham

‘What factors affect the quality of life of people with MS?‘ not available yet

Prof Carolyn YoungConsultant Neurologist,The Walton Centre, Liverpool

Meetings in 2017

14th Congress of European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation (EFRR) Co-hosted by the SRR and BSRM) – Sorry no presentations available

Summer Meeting 2016 Coventry

Compassion in Practice: It’s all about the way we relate to one another 

Prof Belinda Dewar – Professor of Practice Improvement, University of the West of Scotland

‘Using Remote Technology to deliver brief Psychological Interventions in Mental Health‘ not available yet

Prof Karina Lovell– Director of Research & Professor of Mental Health, University of Manchester

The Bipin Bhakta Memorial Lecture

‘Strictly Come Dancing – The Tango of Rehabilitation Research’ 

Prof Pam Enderby – Professor of Community Rehabilitation, University of Sheffield

‘Process Evaluation of Complex Interventions: On Trend or Adding Value?’ 

Dr David J Clarke – Lecturer in Stroke Care, University of Leeds

Winter Meeting 2016 RHND, London

‘How can we address Network Dysfunction in Rehabilitation after Severe Traumatic Brain Injury’ 

Dr David J Sharp – NIHR Professor & Consultant Neurologist, Imperial College London

‘Complexity and Assessment of Capacity: Implications for Research’  

Dr Sal ConnollyHead of Clinical & Neuropsychology, Ascot Rehabilitation

‘Measuring Outcomes in Paediatric Rehabilitation: Challenges and Choices’ 

Dr Carolyn Dunford – Head of Therapy & Research at The Children’s Trust

‘’Stroke in Childhood’ An Overview of the new RCPCH Clinical Guidelines for Diagnosis, Management and Rehabilitation: Implications for Research’ 

Dr Anne Gordon – Senior Consultant Occupational Therapist, Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Visiting Senior Lecturer, King’s College London

‘How Should the NHS Deliver Rehabilitation Services to Children after Acquired Brain Injury? Perspectives from NIHR Programme Development Research’ 

Dr Rob Forsyth NHS Consultant Paediatric Neurologist at the Great North Children’s Hospital

Summer Meeting 2015 St.James’ Park, Newcastle University

‘Robots for Rehabilitation’

Dr Hermano Igo Krebs – Senior Research Scientist and Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

The Philip Nichols Memorial Lecture – ‘Making the Patient in Clinical Practice and Research’

Prof Chris McKevitt– Professor of Social Science and Health, King’s College London

‘Digital Technology Futures for Rehabilitation’ 

Dr Thomas Ploetz Senior Lecturer Computing Science, Newcastle University

‘Designing with People for Rehabilitation’

Dr Madeline Balaam – Lecturer in Interaction Design, Newcastle University

Waving not Drowning: Clinical Feedback Accelerometry’ 

Dr Chris Price – Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University

Winter Meeting 2015 Chancellors, University of Manchester

‘Top Tips and Handy Hints for Successful Rehabilitation Trials’

Prof Sallie Lamb – Professor of Rehabilitation, University of Warwick

‘There’s More to Life than the RCT: Alternative Designs to Evaluate Complex Interventions’ 

Prof Trish Greenhalgh – Professor of Primary Health Care and Dean for Research Impact, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry

‘Fidelity in Rehabilitation Research: Delivering Complex Interventions’ 

Dr Richard Emsley – Lecturer in Biostatistics, The University of Manchester