Parkinsons – The relationship between feelings of control, low mood and taking medication in people with Parkinson’s. 

Dr Nick Zarotti, a trainee clinical psychologist at the University of East Anglia, is looking at how feeling in control could be linked to low mood and therefore taking medication.

The aim of the research is to test whether different measures of perceived control could help us understand the relationship between depression and people with Parkinson’s regularly taking their medication.
Who do the researchers need?
500 people who are taking medication for Parkinson’s. You will also need to be able to get online to complete the questionnaire, either on a computer, tablet or phone.

What’s involved?
Completing a one-off online questionnaire that shouldn’t take more than half an hour. 

For more information, please go to the study website

Interested in taking part?
Please fill in the online questionnaire.

If you have any further questions about the research or have issues accessing the questionnaire, please contact Nick via email or phone 07922330167 before 31 July 2021. 


PPI Team-NIHR recruiting public members on to their research funding committees

The PPI Team-NIHR have recently launched their annual campaign to recruit public members on to their research funding committees. In particular they are keen to reach out to the people of Black African, Asian and Caribbean heritage who are currently underrepresented in their committees. Please share the information below with anyone who might be interested in getting involved. Haydee Garcia-The Programme Manager, for PPI Team-NIHR would be happy to discuss the opportunities with them. 


Information about the roles on NIHR’s website: